Mgr. Peter Voloch

Position: Attorney at Law

Languages: English, Czech, Slovak

Before establishing his legal carrier as attorney in law, Peter gained legal experiences working on different positions in state administration (Ministry of Justice of the Slovak republic, Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission as the Head of Legal and Controlling Department of the Office of Council), as well as in the banking sector in different Slovak banks and company belonging to bank group and in other commercial companies, which gave him valuable legal experiences in special aspects of administrative law, criminal law, execution law, commercial and corporate law, banking law, management and collecting of receivables.

On November 2003 he successfully passed Attorney at Law Exams in the Slovak Bar Association.

Peter established his independent legal practice as Attorney at Law since September 6th, 2007 with his registered seat at address: Čáčovská 305, 905 01 Senica, being registered in the List of Attorneys at Law by Slovak Bar Association under licence No.: 5751.

During his legal practise as Attorney at Law he has been focusing on different fields of commercial and corporate law, civil law, management and collecting of receivables (for the daughter company of a foreign bank, which collected receivables transferred from a Slovak bank, administering all kinds of legal agenda, including Bankruptcy and Restructuring, Voluntary Auctions, Execution Proceedings etc.), including legal representation of clients before courts in the context of litigation.

Peter is also an experienced criminal defence lawyer, specialising in legal defence of clients in criminal cases at courts of all instances and at other State Authorities acting in Criminal Proceeding, regularly and repeatedly appointed as an ex-offo Defence Attorney at Law by the District Court Senica since 2010.

During his practice he has also dealt with administrative law including the legal representation of clients at courts in Administrative Judicial Proceeding, labour law, family law (divorces, alimonies, childcare) and constitutional law, successfully representing clients at Constitutional Court of the Slovak republic regarding the breach of their constitutional rights (e.g. right to judicial protection etc.).

A significant part of Peter’s practice has been carried out for English speaking clients and he communicates with them in English language.

Education: Faculty of Law, University of Comenius in Bratislava, from 1992 till 1997.

Training: Academy of Education from 1998 till 2001 - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Membership of professional organizations: Slovak Bar Association