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Commercial law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial contracts practice serves the needs of all our clients, regardless of whether they are an international company or a local emerging entity. The sphere of commercial contracts includes contracts and trade arrangements such as leasing, agency and distribution agreements, development contracts, sales of enterprises, etc.

Establishment of Business Entities

The establishment of new business companies involves identifying the risks and benefits related to the entry of a particular entity to the Slovak market and doing business using the advantages of the free market economy. We ensure the proper and timely formation of new entities. In addition to the formation of business entities, we have also established several Chambers of Commerce in the territory of the Slovak Republic. We help clients find and select prospective strategic partners by way of the due diligence process. In addition to the establishment of new legal entities, we provide our clients with assistance in their everyday business life, such as with the preparation of General Meetings, sale and purchase contracts, debt-equity swaps etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have assisted our clients in several projects of privatizations, mergers of companies, mergers and divisions of companies, for both local and foreign clients and in the fields of white goods, energy, the chemical industry and food industry.

Labour Law

Advisory services in the field of labour law represent a logical component of our activities. We advise both employers and employees and have created the legal employment framework for several companies. We provide legal advice to employers in the complex preparation of employment documentation as well as collective redundancy. On the other hand, we provide legal advice for trade unions in negotiating with employers.

Franchising and Intellectual Property Law

alianciaadvokátov ak, s.r.o. is a member of the Slovak Franchise Association. Comprehensive legal advice is provided with respect to all aspects of franchising business to the franchisor on his market entry as well as secondary protection of the franchisor in relation to violations of his rights either by the franchisee or by third parties. Legal advice is focused mainly on business law, intellectual property law, unfair competition law, protection of competition and includes in particular: consultations with the client and preparation of the contract documentation (e.g. drafting of a franchise agreement incl. the incorporation of client´s comments into the contract), representation of the client in the negotiations with the other party, representation of the client before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic and before the other state bodies and institutions, assessment of the franchise agreement with respect to the protection of competition, preparation of the legal analysis with respect to the specifics of the Slovak market and the Slovak legislation, registration of the trademarks and registration of the licensing agreements,

Real Estate Law and legal consulting for developers

The activities of our real estate lawyers cover counselling in the acquisition, financing, development, construction, leasing and sale of real estate, as well as contract negotiation during the various phases of construction. For our clients we prepare work contracts, sales contracts, and contracts on future contract as well as lease contracts. Our clients are major developers, owners of shopping centres, office buildings and industrial areas.

Pharmaceutical Law

Pharmaceutical law is the field of law which is currently the intense subject of interest of alianciaadvokátov ak, s.r.o. In the course of the last ten years we have provided legal services for several of the biggest producers of innovative medicinal products and medical devices worldwide. For these clients we provide legal services mainly in regulatory affairs and against producers of generic medicinal products. We have prepared a lot of legal opinions and analyses concerning the pricing, prescription, ethical codes and relationships between pharmaceutical companies and health care professionals. This part of the legal agenda is still far from covering all aspects of pharmaceutical law which we are engaged in. Our clients are both wholesale distributors and pharmacies. We assist them in day to day business, for example in connection with the application of the new act on medicinal products and medical devices.

Transport Law

Land Transportation

Our law firm has worked since 1995 as a legal representative of ČESMAD Slovakia where we have gained rich experience in the area of the TIR Carnet, CMR Convention, as well as in the field of transport and carrier services. We represented the association ČESMAD Slovakia before the Customs Authority and the Customs Directorate in respect of customs debts and guaranteeing TIR system. We represent also individual carriers, shippers and insurance companies in connection with various problems which occur in international transport of goods.


In the field of aviation law we have almost 20 years extensive experience. Starting with the foundation of the airline, through the provision of legal advice in connection with the normal operation of the airline. We also advise extensively in the field of leasing contracts for aircraft, purchase contracts, novation of existing legal relations, registration of aircraft etc. The legal advice is provided mainly for foreign clients in English.

Legal consulting regarding the preparation and execution of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects

As part of consulting in the field of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, we offer you our consulting experience from the execution of various PPP projects, foremost in the health sector, but also other areas. Together with PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovenská republika, s.r.o. we provided consulting on PPP also for the Ministry of Health SR. We also participated in a public tender concerning a feasibility study regarding a military hospital. In addition to consulting in the area of the health sector, we also provided legal services to a consortium member as part of the D1 motorway construction project. We have also prepared a study in the field of PPP projects and EU funds for the Ministry of Finance of the SR in cooperation with the company Ernst&Young.

Antitrust Law

The head of our antitrust law unit was the former President of the Federal Antitrust Office, JUDr. Ing. Flassik Imrich. He was one of the founders of the antitrust agenda in former Czechoslovakia. We have represented several clients before the Slovak Anti-trust office, for example a major Slovak investment company concerning a merger with another investment company, a major Slovak chemical plant or one of the biggest alternative telecommunications operators dealing with the market liberalization in Slovakia.

Bank and Insurance Law

alianciaadvokátov ak, s.r.o. has been for several years the advisor of Slovak and international banking institutions and insurance companies conducting activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Our clients are also foreign investment banks and stock exchanges. The activities of the firm lie in providing a wide range of services relating to consultancy in Bank and Financial Law. The main activities in this field are credit transactions, legal assistance to investors, especially in the field of acquiring relevant licenses and concessions and also financial restructuring and reorganisation. We offer our clients legal services in concluding contracts, negotiation with banks, stipulation of the credit contracts as well as security instruments.

Administrative Law

The business activities of our clients require the issue of a wide range of statutory consents, approvals, licenses or other permits issued by public authorities at different levels of state and public administration. We can provide professional assistance and representation before state authorities for the appropriate decisions to be granted. Legal assistance also includes hearings and dealings concerning misdemeanours and infringements which are subject to various penalties and fines under administrative procedure.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our firm has lengthy experience in the field of litigation before national as well as international institutions. We represent public and private companies, institutions or private individuals before the court or arbitration body. In this context, we provide legal services in commercial, labour and civil cases, as well as legal assistance in the execution or enforcement of judgement, including the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral rulings. If there is a possibility of out of court settlement we recommend this to our clients and represent them in negotiation in order to achieve the best possible solution.

Legal Services

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