Recovery of debts


Extrajudicial Debt Collection is performed by the company ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. with the registered seat at Podtatranského 1, Bratislava and in cooperation with the law office alianciaadvokátov ak, s.r.o. ensures the procedural aspects of handling of individual collection cases of debtors in judicial enforcement with regard to professionality and effectivity, while taking care to preserve the reputation of the client.

Capacity possibilities of processing debts

ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a. s. has personal capacity and material-technical assumptions to receive forwarded cases in the amount of 2500 - 3000 cases monthly and provide efficient services for client in the necessary volume.


ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a. s. is able to submit a repot in writing and when necessary also an oral report on:

  1. amendment of statutes – daily
  2. the result of each court hearing – daily/ monthly
  3. the state of progress of forwarded cases – report – monthly/ according to the agreement
  4. any relevant fact that may significantly affect the recovery od debts forwarded by your company - according to the agreement.


ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. provides the security of personal data of debtors in accordance with the Act No 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, as amended.

The process of adoption, registration and management of collection is supported by modern application software LIBELUS. The application was adapted to the needs of extrajudicial and judicial recovery of debts for our clients. The software is able to receive, send and process all the required input and output data as well as e-mails with the option of encryption. Software also enables to outputs according to client requirements, various press reports, evaluations, protocols, calls etc.

After the conclusion of the case in court by final decision, the ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. shall transmit without delay a final court decision, together with a marked validity and enforceability of court decision, which will be the basis for invoicing and disbursement of the standard fee. In case of interest, the ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. is ready to ensure the enforcement service through cooperation with Executors authorities which are able to process and recover large volumes of debts.


Variability of information technology

Especially for our company, the customized information system is built sufficiently variable and parametrically. This enables flexibility to change, add and update individual modules and respond to the changing needs of the client's and their possible requirements as well as changes to legislation in the Slovak Republic.

To any change of requests by the client and according to the severity and extent of the changes the ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. is ready to respond immediately or in the short term and make the necessary updates of the information system.

In the case that request of interventions and changes arises in the process of judicial recovery by reason of change in contractual terms and conditions between your company and its debtors or changes in working practices in your company the ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. is able to flexibly respond to these changes in order to satisfy requirements of the client.

The flexibility of human resources

Professional team of collectors and attorneys control a topic, law, information system and use the administrative and legal procedures required for recovery of debts with professionality, speed and accuracy, which is an important factor of success in the whole process of extrajudicial and judicial recovery of debts. ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s. in a timely manner draws attention to circumstances that may affect recovery such as a change in the practice of the courts, legislation etc.

Within the extrajudicial debt collection, the ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s is ready to bear the initial costs associated with extrajudicial debt collection. The remuneration is set by a percentage rate, which is subject to agreement with the client and it is invoiced monthly on the basis of mutually agreed specification.

In case of interest also in judicial recovery is this matter subject to mutual agreement.

ALIANCIA ADVOKÁTOV a.s has experience with the purchase of debts from third parties or also from some clients. The company won several tenders for the purchase of debts and currently administers and enforces t more than 9,000 debts.

If you are interested in our services we are ready to meet with you and provide more detailed information.


Recovery of debts

Peter Sámel

Chairman of the Board